I would be very appreciative if you could take

      a few minutes to drop me an email and let

      me know how you like the tunes and which

      ones were your favorites.  I am especially

      interested in other acoustic artists recording

      my material, so if this might be an aspiration

      that you would like to pursue I would be

      happy to talk further with you.  I am a song

      writer looking to get my music out there

      into the public domain.  I can write for

      specific projects as well upon request.


      Email: hillsidemusician@gmail.com



        Hi Glenn,

       Nathan sent me the link to this masterpiece.  The site

       and the music are great.  Congrats on a fine piece of

       work.  You have completed a lasting memory.

       Bill Entenman: percussionist and music aficionado



       Listened all the cd twice so far in the car…if that was

       all recorded at home, it is of excellent quality.  I like

       the sound quality and the sound of the instruments

       and voice.  Your songs are very, very good and


       Bill Bartelbort: guitarist, Chris Talley Trio



       Thanks a lot for the cd… we’ve enjoyed listening to

       it, and I think you did a great job with the protools

       recording…there are some good stories and singable

        songs.  I can hear a bluegrass band or folk singer doing

        them…good luck with the music and keep it up!

        Bob Bovee

        Bob Bovee and Gail Heil: Spring Grove, Minnesota


        Got the cd, and it sounds great.  I love the sound of

        the guitars, very punchy and clean.  I think that is

        part of your playing style…but it sure sounds great.

        you have a fine bunch of tunes there…it’s been in

       my cd player since I got it and I downloaded it onto

       my ipod.

       Michael Eisenbeis: The Lodge Brothers, The Who Tribute Band



       Listened to the cd Sunday and enjoyed what I heard…

       nice stuff and thank you.

       Dennis Buckhannon: The Buckhannon Brothers


       Hello Glenn and “congrats”

       I just heard Jacob’s jig on KDHX 88.1.

      Sounded great…good for you…very clean.

      Josh Limpert: Sound Engineer and recording enthusiast


      This is an awesome piece of work. I love the style and mood it sets. It inspires me to get off my butt and play more.

      You truly are a masterful musician. Good luck with it. After I get some things in order here I will be in touch. CHEERS!!!
      Mike Miller


      "Really nice songs. I like hearing tunes that sound like they
       were written a hundred years ago but are new. You have a
      great knack for that kind of song writing. The mandolin
      playing was very nice too. I can tell you put a ot of thought
      into the songs and arrangements.
      Kathy Forste
      kc cafe
     acoustic music in missouri and kansas city




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