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Missouri Roots




Bonnie George Campbell

Booth shot Lincoln

Bowling green

Cabri waltz

Campbells farewell to redgap

Ducks on the pond

Goodnight Irene

Gum tree canoe

June apple reel

Little betty brown

Lost Indian aka ed halley

Over the waterfall ( frank reed )

Missouri mud

Peekaboo waltz

Spotted pony

Step around johnny

Shove the pigs foot in the fire

Sugar in the gourd

Tombigbee waltz

Weevily wheat

Wounded hoosier

---------------LINER NOTES.......-----------------------------------------

Little Dixie highway

Janey was her name

Wonder how you are

Tombigbee waltz

Hit a Lick

Threw it all away

Wounded Hoosier

Lasy john

OH Angeline

Little Betty Brown

Rise when the rooster crows



what does the deep sea say?

betwixt you and me (original)
cross that crooked line (original)
melody, oh melody (original)
table bay (original)
my love (original)
if this could be that (original)
over the waterfall (trad fiddle tune)
handsome molly (trad ballad)
st. anne's reel (trad fiddle tune)
woah ho, ho, ho, ho, ho (original)
stand by me (trad spiritual tune)
what does the deep sea say? (trad. ballad from doc watson)


Sugar in my coffee Ooh


Sweetwater Girl                        Original

The Well Runs Dry                    Original

Jimmy Rodgers                         Original

Chancellorsville                       Original

Another Town                            Original

Wayfaring Stranger            Traditional

Lilly of the West                   Traditional

It Once Was Home                   Original

Went Down To The Sally Garden  Org.

Cowboy Waltz            Trad. fiddle tune

Kicks Just Like A Mule            Original

Rosin the Bow           Trad. fiddle tune

Keeping Faith                            Original

Sugar In My Coffee Ooh T. fiddle tune





Scenic Limited


Bound for Ohio

Pass the time of day

Pat do this and pat do that

Santa Train

Got no time to turn around

Banks of the Ohio

The girl you favor

Down in the willow garden

Pretty fair maid in the garden

Harrison Brady

High Germany

A roving on a winter’s nite

Gospel train

Hard times come again no more




    Old Caeses and lost melodies:




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