Liner Notes: Missouri Roots

Bonnie George Campbell

Glenn Thomas Butterhorn, guitar and

Lead vocals, Jason Ebinger on backup

Guitar,  jim steiz on harmonica and on

Backing vocals

An old ballad from appalachia


Booth shot Lincoln

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger flat pick guitar & rhythm

A very neat fiddle tune, starts on b part


Bowling green

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Glenn Thomas butter horn on guitar

And lead vocals,  jim on backup vocals

Upbeat bluegrass done old timey tune


Cabri waltz

Jim steitz on rhythmic banjo

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger on guitar

Glenn showcased on fiddle


Campbells farewell to redgap

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger flat pick guitar & rhythm


Ducks on the pond

Glenn Thomas butter horn on guitar

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

( Jim’s showcase banjo tune )




Goodnight Irene

Glenn Thomas butter horn on guitar &

Lead vocals, jim steitz on rhythmic banjo

Jason ebinger on guitar

An american favorite & good sing along


Gum tree canoe

Glenn Thomas butterhorn on guitar and

Vocals, jim steitz on banjo and backup voc

 A Very beautiful love ballad

And the name of one of glenn’s favorite

Groups in Missouri lead by Geoffrey seitz

Violin maker and fiddler


June apple reel

Jason ebinger flat pick guitar

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Glenn Thomas butter horn fiddle

A great old fiddle tune & one of the

First fiddle tunes I learned from

Jim renz winfield, ks flatpick honoree


Little betty brown

Jim steitz claw hammer banjo and bones

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

A Missouri favorite per vesta Johnson


Lost Indian aka ed halley

Jim steitz cuts loose on the banjo and

Does a lot of whooping vocally

Jason ebinger on guitar and whoops

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

And whoops

A very fun fiddle tune



Missouri mud

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger on flat pick guitar

Tune learned from vesta Johnson

And an original Missouri tune

Something about being stuck in

The Missouri mud vesta says




Over the waterfall ( frank reed )

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger flat pick guitar

Jim steitz claw hammer banjo

Very nice fiddle tune commonly

Played in Missouri at jam sessions



Peekaboo waltz

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger on guitar

Jim steitz on banjo

Very nice waltz per vesta Johnson

And common waltz in Missouri



Shove the pigs foot in the fire

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Jason ebinger on flat pick guitar

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

This tune is about a blacksmiths

Tool and a common dance tune in mo.





Spotted pony

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger on guitar

Jim steitz on banjo

One of first tunes & childrens song

Vesta Johnson taught me as

A common Missouri fiddle tune


Step around johnny

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Jason ebinger on flat pick guitar

Glenn Thomas butter horn on


This is a very quick version of the

Tune commonly played at Missouri

Jam sessions & local favorite


Sugar in the gourd

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Jason ebinger on guitar

An old time american classic fiddle tune


Tombigbee waltz

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

Jason ebinger on guitar

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

A very nice waltz, Tombigbee is a river

In georgia & Jason is a georgia native


Weevily wheat

Jim steitz on the banjo extraordinaire

Glenn Thomas butter horn on mandolin

Jason ebinger on guitar

Banjo showcase tune in our trio



Wounded hoosier

Glenn Thomas butter horn on fiddle

Jason ebinger flat pick guitar

Jim steitz on claw hammer banjo

One of our favorite pieces a very

Melancholy and plaintive fiddle tune

Features glenn on fiddle and very

Nice backup work by jim and jason


  A tribute to Vesta Johnson

   my mentor and long time

  friend and fiddle instructor.


These recordings were done over a period of

Two plus years and featured Jim Steitz, claw

hammer banjo, rhythmic banjo, backing vocal

and harmonica.  Jason Ebinger on flat pick

guitar and rhythm guitar.  My sincere thanks

to both of them for taking the time to do these

recordings and being part of my old time trio.

These tunes are meant to provide listening

enjoyment and our represenative of our

sound together playing as a trio in the Saint

Charles County Missouri area. 

Glenn lives in O’Fallon, Missouri in Saint

Charles County,  Jim lives in Saint Peters in

Saint Charles County and Jason resides in

Saint Louis but is originally from Georgia.


Glenn Thomas Butterhorn on fiddle,

mandolin, flat pick guitar and rhythm

guitar and lead vocals with some

backing vocals on the tunes recorded.

All of these tunes are free to listen to

and to download and to share with

families and friends as our aim is

to further interest in old time music

and to leave some recordings behind

for our loved ones and family to

treasure.  We all hope that you really

enjoy them.  There are no original

tunes on these recordings, but the

rest of my website has oodles of them.


Hope you also enjoy the photograph

of Vesta with her plack 2015 from the

Nashville Musical Association for

Life time achievement.  Vesta has also

been honored by the Govenor of the

State of Missouri for her gifts of music

and the preservation of Missouri fiddling.

Vesta continues to be an inspiration

and national treasure.  I am proud

to be one of Vesta’s kids.  Vesta is

my mentor and good friend.




Liner Notes:

Here are this liner notes for the album:

Sugar in my Coffee Ooh

Sweetwater Girl

I love the old time English type ballads,

so this is a fable for all of you to consider

with a subtle message that describes

the most important aspects of life.


The Well Runs Dry

A song that describes our current situation

in this country and my frustration.   My

fervent hope is  that prosperity returns

very soon to all of us who struggle in life.


Jimmy Rodgers

A song dedicated to a folk hero of mine

from the last depression era.   His music

is timeless and as true as it was back then…



As a civil war buff,  I just wanted to write

a song that described this struggle

and be historically accurate.  The south

had a great tradition of having very

capable leaders but of course the

victors are those best remembered.

The south early in the war did well and

that seems to be lost in our history.

If you ever go down south, you know that    

they are still discussing what happened.

General Jackson was killed by his own

men in a case of friendly fire which was

a loss of one of General Robert E. Lee’s

most capable officers and this is one

of the the civil wars greatest ironys.


Another Town

This tune is a folky tribute with a

driving style of rhythm guitar dedicated

to a lot of my friends who are single

and touring road musicians.  It just

describes what could happen.  A musician’s

life is often bitter sweet.

Wayfaring Stranger

A instrumental rendition of a traditional

gospel tune that has one of the most

haunting melodies I have ever heard.



Lily Of The West

An English ballad that describes

what a jealous rage can do to a

relationship and it is supposedly is

a true story.  It must be since it

rings with such anguish and sadness.

It is very much a love/murder ballad.



It Once Was My Home

A tale about a neighbor that lost his job

and took the buyout to retire, tried to

find love in China and lost a lot of

money, then moved back to California

out of desperation to regain back his

life.  He is a product of our times.



Went Down To The Sally Gardens

Sally gardens have willow trees.  The willow

is one of natures most beautiful creations and

this instrumental is just a reflection of being

in such a beautiful place and time.


The Cowboy Waltz

An excellent fiddle tune from the old west

around mid nineteenth century that was

often a favorite dance tune.    It is a wonderful

Instrumental tune and I hope you find

someone to trip the light fantastic with to

this melody.


Kicks Just Like A Mule

Well this tune just sort of sums up my feelings

About the State of Missouri with a bit of humor.


Rosin the Bow

A traditional fiddle tune from

the revolutionary war time period

with a very lovely melody.


Keeping Faith

On each of my collections, I try

to include an inspirational

message that is insightful,

and most times faith that

gives meaning to our lives

is the most important thing.

My father always believed

that a person who believed

in nothing really had nothing.





Liner Notes:

Here are this liner notes for the album:

Scenic Limited



Bound for Ohio

This tune describes the plight of our country

during the past and it is a reflection of modern

times and the struggle of average folks and

this is dedicated to all the hard working men

and families.




Pass the time of day

A whimsical look at my childhood days

watching trains, enjoying life’s simple

pleasures before things got to complex

and this  goes back to a slower pace

where kids had to use their imagination

and loved just to be outdoors all day long.




Pat do this and pat do that

A real old traditional tune from the public

domain about imigrating to this country

and working on the railroad in a different

era where hard work was the norm and

life was a real challenge to survive.  A

real nice Irish tune about the time of the

potatoe famine in Ireland.






Santa Train

A true story about the train that travels

thru Appalachia each Thanksgiving bringing

the poor children toys, candy and country

Xmas music to the poorest of the poor  &

very famous country personalities have

made this journey over the last sixty odd

years bring Christmas cheer to the less

fortunate and throwing candy and toys

to the kids along the tracks.  Thank you.


Got no time to turn around

I penned this tune after the spring flood

of 2008 when many Missouri towns

were wiped out by the flood waters.

It just seemed the right thing to do.

A lot of folks sacrificed to help but it

did little good when the walls collapsed.


Banks of the Ohio

This old traditional tune just seems

to fit in with the river towns and

the railroad days when the tressels

were built to cross the rivers, e.g.

the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri

that was built during the civil war days.

It is a love/murder ballad about love

gone wrong, anger and jealousy.  It

just seemed to really fit in as the

next tune following “Got no time to

turn around.”


The girl you favor

A story about paddleboats on the

river and a tragic loss of a young girls

life due to being in the wrong place

at the wrong time.  I was traveling

over the Missouri river in St. Charles

down by the old railroad bridge and

saw one of the old time paddle wheelers

and this gave me the idea for the tune.



Down in the willow garden

A child ballad which also describes

love lost and what happens when

emotions get the best of you and

the tragic outcome.  Also, this

tune is known as Sally Gardens

in England which is a term for




Pretty fair maid in the garden

A light hearted look at love that

was true, devotion and a happy

outcome.  A maiden waits for

her beloved soldier and he returns

to marry her.



Harrison Brady

Supposedly this is a true story

about a wife that ran off with

A highwayman after being very

unhappy with her husband and

wanting adventure and a dashing

figure of a man despite the

consequences of her decision.

Similar in sound to Black Jack Davie.


High Germany

A soldier debarks for Germany

first by train then by ship to

fight for Napoleon and his beloved is

beside herself with grief for he never

returns.   Normally sung by a female

vocalist, but it is such a great song

I hope that you forgive my adaptation.

It is very forlorn with a haunting melody.


A roving on a winter’s nite

A song about faded love and a

man’s desire to preserve lost

memories.  Undying love for

a person that never married

the woman that they loved

so well and deeply.  It is very

touching and melancholy.



Gospel train

A look at what happens when your

life ends but you are reaching for

help and god’s everlasting salvation.

it describes a journey on a train

to be with god and reach that

heavenly place.  A good ending for

someone that had a tough life.


Hard times come again no more

A Stephen Foster song that I

dedicate to all of those who are

struggling in our trying economic

times and hope for better.  It is

also a wish that these times will

disappear from our lives and good

fortune and happiness will return to

our beloved country.  Our suffering

is great but our faith is strong in a new



I thank everyone who takes the

time to read these liner notes

about the tunes and I hope that

you enjoy them and they have

meaning for you.  The “Scenic

Limited” cd is meant to illustrate

A snapshot of life here in America

both past and present.  The saga

of true life, passion, life and death

are part of the framework of our

existence during the railroad days.

Please email me if you like the music

or have any positive comments and I

would appreciate hearing from you

very much.


All originals tunes written, recorded

and produced by Glenn Thomas Butterhorn

and all other tunes on this cd are traditional

tunes from the public domain.  All music

is free to the listener and feel free to

download it and share it with your

families and friends.  Any npr stations

that are interested can contact me and

I will get you my two cds and any release

that you may need for airplay.


All instrumentation performed by

Glenn utilizing guitar, mandolin, octave

mandolin, five string banjo and guitar.

all vocals done by Glenn using a ribbon

microphone in his home studio with

Protools.  All arrangements done by

Glenn with all due respect to the writers.





Thanks to Jim for doing such an outstanding job.



Liner Notes:

Here are this liner notes for the album:

Old Cases and Lost Melodies


Various vintage acoustic instruments were played  which included a 1953 0018 Martin guitar, a 1969 Gibson J45, a 1964 Gibson B25, and a 1964 Guild D50.  Two mandolins used:1920 gibson white faced A3 & a 1923 A jr Gibson.Vintage german fiddles/Bausch bow  were used and included a Hopf  about 1860, an Old Bull ( Olle Bulle ) from the turn of the century,  an irish gypsy violin from turn of century.   A custom made open back banjo 5 string banjo was featured on some recordings along with Charlie’s Hoener harmonica. 

Thank you Charlie Lockhart for giving me your most prized possession,

All of the instrumentation and vocals were done by the composer.



     The recording was done in my home studio utilizing protools, rode microphones, an apex ribbon microphone, an oktava tube condenser microphone and tube preamplication.   All instrumentation, all vocal tracks and overdubs were my sole creation.

The recordings are a one man production  and performed & recorded in O’fallon, Missouri, 2007.

The recordings are copy right protected 2008.  Glenn Thomas Butterhorn

retains all rights and privileges of this song collection.  Please feel free to contact  me if you wish to use or record my material by email.



Dedication of recording

To my family first of all: Mary, Nathan, Matthew, Jacob and Jessica.

Special mention to Jim James Riordan and Gerry Riordan.  I miss you.

To my close friends/ musical associates who lent support and their criticism.   Doug Foehner,  Tedd Kehr, Michael Eisenbeis, Rainier Osterloh,and Cousin Curtis Buckhannon.  A special dedication to my fiddle teacher Vesta Johnson,  long live traditional Missouri fiddling.  Thanks Andy at Music Folk, Luke Warmwater, Mike Teppe, & Mark @ Killer Vintage.

For those that are gone:  Bennie Smith, Tommy Bankhead, Charlie Jobe,

Charlie Lockhart, Johnnie Johnson, Tony T,  and Mr. Bill Monroe.

Thank you all for sharing your god given talents with us.



Thank you for taking the time to listen to my

music.  It was a lot of  hard work to get this cd

completed on a very tight dollar budget, but I

have no problem with sharing the music with

your friends and family.  Some of these tunes

have a dark and mournful side, but this life is

a mixture of both good & bad times. The good

 ones help us to persevere during hard times

and appreciate the best of  life.   These songs

reflect a lot of  what has happened in my life &

come from my heart.  Feedback is appreciated.


               Hill Side Music Productions           




               I WILL ANSWER ALL EMAIL



Written when I got the news that

the father of bluegrass music died

and this song is dedicated to all of

those great hillside musicians who

have passed on to everlasting glory.



Imagine yourself in a southern setting

in the summer time at a contra dance

or cotillion with beautifully adorned

southern women in their finest dresses.

A daydream of days gone by and lost.



 A modest offering on the most famous

 outlaw in Missouri history and just cause

  I passed by his old home place and the

 Meramec caverns and his wax museum      



A song about a teenage tragedy. A

mournful  story about a run away

that never came back to her family.

This  girl committed suicide due to

a love that went wrong and then she

was eventually found by a tree near

her home town.



Dedicated to the most lively member

of my family who is my four year old

grandson.  Jacob loves to sing & dance.

       Grandpa loves Jacob always.



Triggered  by all the sad stories about

loss of life during mining accidents in the

Appalachians and a tribute to all those

hard working, god fearing souls that

mine the coal so that we can have power.

God bless you and keep you all safe from

harm and keep writing those great songs.





this is an account of my recollections

of trips to Cairo, Illinois to visit my

uncle’s small truck farm and hanging

out and being a reckless teenage kid.



The sad story about the passing of

blues music in the St. Louis area in

the Soulard market area in Missouri.

We miss all of those great musicians.



As an early riser who enjoys the morning

time as one of the most peaceful  parts of

the day,  I frequently heard a beautiful

melody from a song bird in the trees by my

house in the beautiful state of Missouri.

The birds gave us the beautiful songs.

I hope that this tune gives someone else

pause to enjoy the simple things about us.



This is political satire, or is it the

truth?   You decide.  All I know is

that I have a song about my struggle

in a rivertown in the state of Missouri.                  



A true story about my trips down the byway

to see my good friend Doug and my truck

breaking down in the midst of a torrential

rainstorm one day during the summer.



Dedicated to my brother-in-law

Gerry Riordan who was a wonderful

guy with a big heart, a great sense

of humor, a great dad, and a man

who loved family get togethers and

barbeque.     We love you Gerry.


All photos, narrative, descriptions, album artwork

and assembly by Glenn Thomas Butterhorn.


Webmaster and technical

Administrator of web: Nathan Thomas Butterhorn

Thank you Nathan I love you very much.